In order to qualify for and receive Energy Star* grants and funding you must have an “Energy Audit” performed by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified Building Analyst.

What is an energy “audit” or “assessment”

This is NOT a real estate home inspection report!

The term “Energy Audit” is commonly used in the building industry to refer to a “study” or “assessment” of a building for the purpose of determining how energy efficient that building actually is. Our highly trained and certified technicians use specialized equipment designed specifically for this type of diagnostic work. Additionally, they check building air quality along with other health and safety measures as part of their evaluation.

Contrary to popular belief, even some new buildings are found to be poor energy users. An audit will let you know exactly how efficient your home or apartment is. Additionally, the audit will clearly show you where the most cost effective improvements can be made and in what priority these measures should be implemented. You will learn what should be done first, how much each improvement will cost, how long it will take for that improvement to pay for itself, and when the improvement will actually start earning money for you. We will also explain the tax benefits, government grant money, and other incentives you are eligible to receive just for improving the comfort, health, safety and energy efficiency of your home.

Many people don’t realize that utility providers and the government are subsidizing millions of dollars of energy improvements going directly into the homes and apartments of those who are smart enough to apply for them.

After the audit is complete there is no obligation for you to hire us to upgrade the energy performance of your home. At this point you will have a very valuable assessment and work scope in your hand. However if you choose to also contract with us, you will be free to authorize as much or as little of the suggested work as you deem necessary.

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